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Jordan Holloway Set for Throwback Night at the Bullring

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Jordan Holloway Gears Up for a Throwback Night at the Bullring: Round 9 of the Championship Series

This Saturday evening promises to be a great night for racing in Las Vegas! Jordan Holloway is set to race the super fast #12 Third Gen Racecar in the Legends division at Round 9 of the Championship Series at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Bullring.

Not just any race, this particular event stands out as it is themed as "A Night to Remember - Throwback Night," adding an extra layer of excitement to the mix.

Jordan Holloway Bullring

Retro Vibes, High-Speed Thrills

On Throwback Night, the Bullring will be buzzing with a unique blend of nostalgia and exhilarating motorsport. Celebrating the rich history of racing in Las Vegas, competitors and spectators alike will revel in an atmosphere reminiscent of the heyday of Craig Road Speedway. But make no mistake - while the theme might be retro, the action on the track will be as high-octane as ever.

Jordan Holloway: A Rising Star

A prominent figure in the racing community, Jordan Holloway is a driver to watch out for. Known for his natural talent, fierce determination, and strategic prowess on the track, Holloway is no stranger to the electrifying atmosphere of the Bullring. Racing in the Legends division, Holloway has proven time and time again why he's the track champion and that he's not just there to compete - he's there to win.

Jordan Holloway Vegas

The Third Gen Racecars: A Testament to Innovation

Jordan Holloway will be driving an Inex Legends Third Gen Racecar prepped by Peyton Saxton and Parker Heffle. These race cars are renowned for being absolute rocketships especially here at their home track in Las Vegas. There's no doubt that Holloway and his Third Gen teammates, at the wheel of a Third Gen Racecar, will put on a spectacular show.

A Night to Remember

The energy is building for what is sure to be a truly unforgettable event. The sight of Legends, Pro Late's, Modified's, Skid Plate's and more under the lights of the Bullring, the retro ambiance of Throwback Night, and the sheer talent of drivers like Jordan Holloway, all promise a night of high-speed thrills and possibly a few surprises.

Don’t Miss the Action!

This Saturday at 5:00 PM PDT, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Bullring will be the place to be. Whether you're a seasoned racing fan or new to the sport, make sure to get out to the track to support grassroots racing and enjoy the nostalgic flair of Throwback Night which promises to be a spectacle you won't want to miss. Fasten your seatbelts, folks, because Round 9 of the Championship Series is going to be a blast from the past that roars straight into the future!

Troy Smith

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